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EDCThe European Drought Centre (EDC) is a virtual centre of European drought research and drought management organisations to promote collaboration and capacity building between scientists and the user community.

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WP1 - Natural system (climate and hydrology), physical causes, spatio-temporal development, anthropogenic influences, incl. impact of climate change on forecasting of drought conditions as a basis of early warning systems

WP Leader: WU

The objective of WP1 are:

•  To compile the State of the Art in the field of Drought and the Natural System (climate and hydrology)

•  To identify research gaps in the above-mentioned field as contribution to the development of an EU drought policy

•  To further extend the network of drought experts with representatives from the climate and hydrology community


Expected results

•  Guidance document for Workshop on Natural System (DL1.1)

•  Extended Guidance document after Workshop on Natural System (DL1.2)