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EDCThe European Drought Centre (EDC) is a virtual centre of European drought research and drought management organisations to promote collaboration and capacity building between scientists and the user community.

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WP4 - Appraisal of existing drought-associated policies and the research needs to develop a EU drought policy (Pan-European scale)

WP Leader: FEEM

The objective of WP4 are:

•  Analyse the documents produced by the WFD-CIS Working Group on water scarcity and drought (definitions and measures)

•  Ensure the link between XEROCHORE and the expert network of the CIS

•  Analyse the current EU legislation and tools having a potential impact on drought and water scarcity (e.g. CAP, water framework directive, structural funds, flood daughter directive, soil strategy) and propose some ideas for a better integration of quantitative issues. A link will also be made with health policies for instance throughout the water reuse issue. A link will also be made with the work realised within the Hydromorphology group of the CIS and with the ongoing work on the technical aspects of the implementation of the flood directive.

•  Analyse future EU legislation and tools (e.g. soil strategy, climate change green paper, scarcity communication)

•  Organise and participate to EU and other international workshops (e.g. UNESCO, WMO-HWRP, EGU, IAHS) on drought and water scarcity (XEROCHORE workshops, CIS workshops, research workshops)

•  Make the link between research projects and policy makers expectations (presentation of XEROCHORE results to EU Water Directors)

•  Participating to the collection of data on impacts of drought and water scarcity impacts (link to WP2 and WP3)


Expected results

•  D.4.1: State of art report: droughts existing EU policies and research needs to develop a EU drought policy (Pan-European scale) - State of art review

•  D.4.2: Synthesis report: Potential impact of new forthcoming EU policies on droughts

•  D.4.3: Synthesis report: Emerging issues from the round table discussion

•  D.4.4: Synthesis report: Drought/EU policies - Knowledge gaps, research needs (roadmap), emerging policy requests and contribution towards the development of an European Drought Policy; Extended Guidance Document