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EDCThe European Drought Centre (EDC) is a virtual centre of European drought research and drought management organisations to promote collaboration and capacity building between scientists and the user community.

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Project description

In recent years large parts of Europe suffered from extreme drought, a phenomenon that likely will become more frequent and more severe, as predicted by the climate models. This will lead to significant socio-economic and environmental impacts and associated damages. There is therefore an urgent need to develop a roadmap toward a European Drought Policy, in accordance with the EU-Water Framework Directive (WFD) and related EU Legislation and Actions. The aim is to mitigate and to adapt to droughts, and hence reduce the risks they pose in Europe .

XEROCHORE SA compiles a roadmap that comprises of: 1) a state-of-the-art review and identification of the research gaps in the natural system, in impact assessment, in policy-making and in integrated water resources management, and 2) an assessment of the possible impacts of droughts and guidance on appropriate responses for stakeholders.

An extended network of experts will gather inputs for the roadmap through focussed workshops, round table discussions, which integrate the various aspects, and a concluding conference. A Core Group will guide and facilitate the discussion and synthesis process, and eventually write the integrated roadmap.

The project network consists of over 80 organizations including research institutes, universities, ministries, water management organizations, stakeholders, consultants, international organizations and programmes. It includes key members of the European Drought Centre and the WFD-CIS Working Group on Water Scarcity and Drought and representatives from overseas and neighbourhood countries, in particular around the Mediterranean Basin. The large number of organizations covering different aspects and geographic regions guarantee that all drought aspects will be covered. The drought network will be embedded in the already-existing European Drought Centre to reach the wider scientific and to provide research advice and policy support to the EC beyond the lifetime of this action.