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July 27th, 2012




The Summer School lasts for 6 days and consists of about 30 contact hours and further several hours of scheduled reading and consultation time. The content of the School is a mixture of lectures, student presentations, consultation and reading sessions.

The activities open with a Welcome and Introduction session, in which the Summer School topics are introduced. A general open discussion, where all the lecturers are invited to briefly present their topics, can be organised to facilitate the students to become soon more familiar with the lecturers’ topics.

Each student is also expected to make a presentation of about 45 minutes, which include also the time for questions and discussion. The students' paper must be completed and sent to the Summer School Secretariat by the 31st of July 2012. Also, in order to get prepared to the School, students will receive in advance all the available teaching material and the papers presented by the other participants.

In the reading sessions students can privately take their time to go into what really interest them thoroughly.

In the consultation sessions students can privately consult with lecturers. It is up to the students to ask directly to a lecturer for a private meeting. Also group consultations can be organised. This private or group meetings during the consultation time can be held inside the class room, which remains open until the end of the consultation session.

Preliminary Social Programme

Event: Welcome Buffet
: September 2nd , Sunday
Time: 20.00 - 22.00
Where: Summer School Venue, Palazzo Bufali, Via Roma 219, Belpasso

Event: Visit to Taormina 
When: September 6th, Thursday
Time: 16.00
Where: Taormina

Event: Visit to Catania
When: September 7th, Friday
Time: 17.30
Where: Catania

Event: Visit to Etna Volcano
When: September 8th, Saturday
Time: 14.30
Where: Etna Volcano