Implementing an effective response to climate change is a tremendous challenge, especially when dealing with stringent objectives such as those compatible with the 2C target. Such a transformation would require a fundamental restructuring of the way energy and land are managed, which would not be costless and would require unparalleled policy commitment and coordination. Putting a climate strategy into action will require the involvement of all the major economies, which account for most of the emissions and host the largest mitigation capacity. Research can highlight a series of critical questions which are especially relevant for climate policy making and which will be the cornerstone of the LIMITS project:

  • What is the economic, technical and political feasibility of attaining stringent climate policies?
  • How can we jump start investments and innovation into clean energy technologies?
  • What is the role of policies in promoting mitigation and adaptation, recognizing the diversity of regional and national interests?
  • What is the role of technologies and their advancements to meet the change in energy infrastructure?

By using state-of-the-art methodological instruments to assess climate policies, LIMITS aims at carrying out a rigorous assessment of what a stringent climate policy entails, and what is needed to overcome major impediments.


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