21|06|2011 - Prof. Easter visited FEEM office

J. Mysiak and KW EasterProf. W.K. Easter, University of Minnesota, visited FEEM office and discussed with the FEEM researchers the frontier issues in water economics on June 16th 2011.

He presented “Climate Change and Growth: Will There Be Enough Water?” [PDF, 596 Kb]

Prof. Easter is a distinguished scientist in resource economics and development. Recent research includes a study of water markets and the transaction costs of sectoral and intersectoral water exchanges, an economic analysis of agricultural pollution of groundwater, a study of the transaction costs of alternative methods for providing urban water supplies in developing countries, and an evaluation of the secondary economic impacts of interbasin water transfers.
More information on his research are available in his website at Univerity of Minnesota.

Links to some recent publications relevant for the EPI-WATER research:

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