• Alcalá de Henares - Madrid (Spain), 6-7 February 2013
    Second EPI-WATER Conference
    Anticipating the Performance of Economic Policy Instruments (EPIs) in Water Management
    Further info at the Conference website.
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    A micro-website of EPI-WATER is now available. See the EPI-WATER Spanish Website
  • Berlin (Germany), 26-27 January 2012
    First EPI-WATER Conference
    Understanding the Application of Economic Policy Instruments (EPIs) in Water Management
    Review of Empirical Evidence, Experiences and Lessons Learned from Europe and Elsewhere
    Further info at the Conference website.
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    EPI-WATER is in Wikipedia. See the Wikipedia page.
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    EPI-WATER is on Facebook. See the FB page.
  • New Book: "The End of Abundance" »
    David Zetland, senior water economist at Wageningen University - a partner in the EPI-WATER consortium - published in June 2011 a book "The End of Abundance: economic solutions to water scarcity" written for non-economists who are interested in water policy affecting various topics. More…
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  • Belpasso (Italy), September 4th - 10th, 2011
    University of Catania - EAERE - FEEM
    Belpasso International Summer School on Environmental and Resource Economics
    Extremes: Natural Disasters in Changing Climate
    Furher info at:
    Deadline for applications: May 15th, 2011
  • Rome (Italy), 23-25 May 2011
    CIRCE Project Final Conference
    Further info at:
    The "Forum Nazionale sul Risparmio e Conservazione della Risorsa Idrica" [Italian national forum on saving and conservation of water resource] published in Nov 2010 an article about EPI-WATER project. See the article (in italian)

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