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A series of events is foreseen by the project:

An initial kick-off meeting, followed by four workshops constitute the core of the events during which the scientific work achieved is reported. Each of the partners holding a workshop bears responsibility for its effective organisation.

In the course of project implementation several efforts will be devoted towards the involvement of relevant stakeholders in order to integrate their feedback on the outcomes of this project.
Each project workshop will include a session devoted to the involvement of local stakeholders  in order to acquire their knowledge and raise their opinions about the national energy systems, focusing specifically on their perception on current and future energy technologies.
Overall four local stakeholder meetings (Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland) will take place. To optimize budget and time schedule, the local stakeholders meetings are organised in the four countries where workshops are held (Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland). 

Following each project workshop e-conferences will be launched on the website in order to ensure direct involvement of stakeholders from all countries concerned by PLANETS. Each e-conference will last one month and will involve: all the stakeholders previously identified by the Consortium, project partners, and registered users.

A final conference will be to set up to make the project visible to all the interested stakeholders, as well as to a more general audience. Thematic sessions will be organized to present the results to representatives of both the sciences and policy-making. Round-tables will be set up to guarantee the best interchange among these various stakeholders. Selected representatives of the industry sector, previously involved in the local meetings, will also be invited at this conference. Copies of the publications will be circulated, and the website will be publicized. Press representatives will be invited to ensure a wide media coverage. The conference will be held in Brussels so to ensure a high turnout and EU visibility.

Seventh Framework Programme

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