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PLANETS aims to devise robust scenarios for the evolution of energy technologies in the next 50 years. An ensemble of quantitative and analytical tools are designed to foresee the best technological hedging policy in response to future environmental and energy policies. Focused technological assessments will provide the necessary guidance for technology availability and competitiveness. Given the long term nature of the analysis, not to mention the many uncertainties surrounding the natural, technological and socio-economic determinants, the scenarios development will be accompanied by probabilistic and stochastic modelling analysis to quantify the most determinant sensitivities. To this purpose, a suite of state-of-the-art energy-economy-climate models will be brought together. The model portfolio spans varieties of regional coverage, technological detail and economic interrelations. Dedicated integrated assessments will explore the technological options that are most likely to play a role over the time horizon under investigation, and the critical issues that are needed for their competitive deployment. PLANETS will research the future of energy systems by examining environmental and energy policies at the European and global level in their capacity to influence the deployment of new technologies with respect to a mutually agreed Business-As-Usual scenario. The project will also analyse the linkage between European and world perspectives of energy technology futures and forecasts, in particular in terms of economic competitiveness and the capacity to export clean technology adoption. Finally, PLANETS aims to disseminate EU energy technology futures by setting up an informative scenarios website and acquainting a large number of stakeholders – from science, industry, government and so forth – with peer-reviewed publications and a final general-audience conference.

PLANETS is coordinated by FEEM.

Seventh Framework Programme

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