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31 December 2010

Find the dissemination material of the PLANETS project in the Outreach area.

8 June 2010
PLANETS Final Event: Energy and climate scenarios to 2050 - Policy Insights from the E.C. sponsored PLANETS project, organised by FEEM at the Bruegel Insitute in Brussels, Belgium. 

21-23 June 2010

2010 International Energy Workshop - PLANETS Special Sessions, organised in Stockholm, Sweden.

PLANETS is a research project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme with the scope of devising robust scenarios for the evolution of energy technologies in the next 50 years. The project aims to assess the impact of technology development and deployment at world and European levels, by means of an ensemble of analytical tools designed to foresee the best technological hedging policy in response to future environmental and energy policies.

A suite of energy-economy-climate models is expected to generate the projection scenarios, using state-of-the-art methodologies that include stochastic analysis. Focused technological assessments will provide the necessary guidance for technology availability and effectiveness. Economic implications of the various scenarios will be evaluated with a particular focus on EU economic competitiveness.

PLANETS looks forward to broadly disseminate energy technology perspectives, acquainting a large number of stakeholders - from science, industry, government and so forth - with informative and rigorous research and policy output.

PLANETS is a Collaborative project (small or medium-scale focused research project).


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Seventh Framework Programme

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