Training session

Final EXIOPOL conference: "Externality data and IO Tools for Policy analysis"

October 12th 2011 - Luxembourg


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At 4.30 PM, for a limited number of participants, the Netherlands Organisation For Applied Scientific Research and Leiden University, Institute of Environmental Sciences will hold a two hours session devoted to the training of experts who are willing to get familiarity with the EE IO Database.

A word from Reinout Heijungs, chair of the training session: "In this concluding part, you are invited to explore some of the results of Exiopol on your laptop. We will do some exercises in showing the content and strength of what has been achieved in terms of calculating external costs with a detailed multi-region input-output table. Bring a Windows compatible laptop with wifi and power plug that fits Luxemburg's outlets, and you will be the first to see what's really in."



First, you need to download the software CMLCA [7MB]

Then, two files are available for the training session:

1) a 2-country file [2MB] with EU and non-EU, without external costs

2) a 28-country file [44MB] with 27 EU-countries and one non EU-country, with external costs

These datafiles contain preliminary and aggregated data from the EXIOPOL project, that are only supposed to be used for inspection and training. They may no be used for real studies. For this, please refer to the website, which will soon provide the license details for the final and unaggregated data.

Lastly, a copy of a pdf tutorial "Using the EE detailed global Input- Output database to calculate external costs" is included in both zip files linked above.