The EXIOPOL Integrated Project had 3 principal objectives:

  • To synthesize and develop comprehensive estimates of the external costs for Europe of a broad set of economic activities;
  • To set up a detailed environmentally extended (EE) Input-Output (I-O) framework, with links to other socio-economic models, in which as many of these estimates as possible are included. Such an EE I-O table for the EU 25 does not exist. This will allow for the estimation of environmental impacts and external costs of different economic sector activities, final consumption activities and resource consumption for countries in the EU;
  • To apply the results of the external cost estimates and EE I-O analysis for the analysis of policy questions of importance, as well as to evaluate the impact of past research on external costs on policy-making in the EU.

The EXIOPOL final conference was held on October 12th 2011 in Luxembourg while the project will be concluded on October 31st 2011: the EXIOPOL final products are available here.