Inspiration beyond the EU group

The Inspiration beyond the EU group is a group of high level scientists from from non-EU countries such as Australia, the US, Chile. This group will bring lessons from the application of innovative Economic Policy Instruments (EPI) in non-EU countries.

They will contribute to

  • defining EPI scenarios that need to be further investigated, and
  • identifying policy and research lessons.

The IBE Expert Group

Dr Carolyn Kousky, Resources for the Future, USA
New York City Watershed Protection Case

Dr Tihomir Ancev, University of Sidney , Australia
Salinity offsets in Australia

Prof Michel Young, University of Adelaide , Australia
Unbundling water rights in Australia 's MDB

Dr Iddo Kan , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Israel
Price setting of urban water under centralized management in Israel

Prof Ariel Dinar, University of California – Riverside , USA
Urban Water Budget Rate Structure (UWBRS): Innovative water pricing in times of climate change, USA

Prof Charles Howe, University of Colorado , USA
The Efficient Water Market of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD): Colorado , USA

Mr Mark Kieser, Kieser & Associates LLC , USA
Great Miami River Watershed Water Quality Credit Trading Program , USA

Dr Andrew Yates, University of Richmond , USA
Nitrogen Permit Trading in North Carolina 's Neuse River

Dr Guillermo Donoso Harris, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
The Chilean Water Allocation Mechanism, established in its Water Code of 1981.

Prof Xiaoliu Yang, Peking University, DP.R.China
Assessment of the Economic Policy Instruments for Water Management in China