19|03|2012 - IMDEA Agua partner leader, Carlos M. Gómez, participates on the 4th World Water Development Report (WWDR) (UNESCO, 2012)

The 4th World Water Development Report (WWDR) (UNESCO, 2012) is a triennial review, released in conjunction with the World Water Forum, which provides a picture of the state, use and management of the world’s freshwater resources. It seeks to equip water managers and key decision-makers with the information, data, tools and skills necessary to enable them to effectively participate in the development of policies.

EPI-Water’s researcher and partner leader, Carlos M. Gómez (IMDEA Agua), is co-author of Chapter 23, named “Valuing water” in “Volume 2: Knowledge base” together with Josefina Maestu (UN DESA). The Chapter is devoted to the importance of the value of water, including costs and benefits, to improve private and public decisions on water management. It highlights valuation as a powerful instrument to raise awareness of water’s many benefits, or its central role on moving toward a more integrated and holistic socio-economic approach

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