10|11|2012 - ANNOUNCEMENT: EPI-WATER Conference 0n 26-27 January 2012

The first conference of FP7 EPI Water will take place on the 26th and 27th of January in Berlin.

As part of the global EPI Water project, this first conference is dedicated to present and discuss the case studies that have been conducted at European and non-European levels. These case studies include an ex-post assessment of economic instruments in Europe and elsewhere, in where the aim is to identify the relevant  hydrological, socio-economic, cultural and institutional conditions under which EPI can i) operate in practice, ii) be effective/efficient as well as conditions which iii) limits the risk of implementation failure.
Partly funded by European Union, this conference, based on the 30 case studies part of the Work Package 3 of the EPI water project, will share empirical experiences of the application of Economic Policy Instruments (EPIs) in different context of activities and economic/institutional frameworks. Mainly around the following four topic areas:

  • Sustainable development of hydropower
  • Water scarcity including droughts and flooding
  • Water pollution and quality in the agricultural, urban and industrial contexts
  • Innovative water policy instruments applicable in Europe

In the Berlin conference, members of the EPI-water consortium, along with those of the Beyond the EU group and the advisors of the Policy Think Tank will discuss findings from the conducted case studies in order to increase the policy applicability of the results, evaluate application in the use of economic instruments in water management and discuss best practice on the choice and evaluation of water policy instruments. The results of this conference will pave the way for further work in the project.

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