24|06|2011 - 'Interdisciplinary Strategies for Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Management' Session at AGU Fall Meeting 2011

AGU Fall meeting 2011

Abstract submissions have now opened for Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in San Francisco, CA in December 5-9, 2011. We have the pleasure to announce a new session entitled "NH09: Interdisciplinary Strategies for Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Management". The session is sponsored by the following AGU focus groups: Natural Hazards (NH), Atmospheric Sciences (A), Education (ED), Global Environmental Change (GC), Public Affairs (PA). The description reads:

"The Natural Hazards focus group at AGU fosters research on implementation of effective strategies and designs for hazard mitigation and disaster management worldwide. Such strategies and designs can be enhanced through an interdisciplinary approach using technology and policy analysis. Interdisciplinary natural hazard and disaster management problems involve multiple factors due to the geographical aspects, magnitude of the impact, economic costs, variety of scientific fields, decision-makers, time horizons, and uncertainties involved. Problems include topics such as how to assist private and public organizations in making informed, cost-effective, socially equitable, and behaviorally realistic decisions in the face of deep uncertainty."

More information regarding this session can be found at . We encourage you to submit an abstract - if you would like to do so, please see .

The deadline for abstract submission is August 4, 2011, 23:59 EDT.

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