WP 6 - National Level Estimates of Energy Costs in EU Countries


  • To develop a consistent set of national level full costs estimates for the 25 EU countries for different energy sources;
  • To develop a comparative full cost assessment and a consistency analysis of the aforementioned set of national level full costs estimates.

Description of work

Task 1: to put together and assemble in a coherent and systematic way the private and external cost data obtained from WP2, 3, 4 and 5 for the EU 25 Members. A data template for private and external estimates for each country and for each energy source is developed and filled in cooperation with the teams involved in WPs 2-5 to derive the total costs estimations. Total cost calculation is extended to the EU 25 countries to identify knowledge gaps that still need to be overcome to bring to a par data quality on energy cost data across Europe. Variations in cost estimates exist among countries due to different energy sources, technologies used for energy generation and local geographical and socio-economic conditions. For this reason, the activity of assembling total costs components can provide a valuable output by clarifying when and where cost estimations can be properly applied and combined.

Task 2: Once obtained a total cost dataset for the EU 25 Members a comparative full cost assessment is developed to identify inconsistencies and structural variations in the total costs composition. Particular attention is paid to local geographical variations and to the integration of private and external costs within one dynamic framework. To conclude the comparative cost assessment, a sensitivity analysis on the dataset estimates is performed in WP12 in close cooperation with WP 6 and 7 partners to assess the reliability of the dataset and to identify the most critical parameters that have an influence on the total cost estimates.

FEEM is responsible for the implementation of these tasks, with the involvement of the other partners (NTUA, USTUTT/IER, VITO, LEI, CIEMAT, CUEC, ECON-SWEDEN, UWARS) in particular in the supply of the external cost data.

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