The success of the project will be judged in terms of the acceptability of the assessed comparative energy costs by the scientific and policy communities, measured in terms of:

  • Number of scientific publications, in particular scientific reviews published in scientific journals and magazines;
  • Number of publications accepted in scientific international conferences; and related comments;
  • Number of government policies influenced by the project results;
  • Degree of success of each of the organised workshops or conferences under CASES; the degree of success will be measured by:
    • the degree of completeness of workshop preparation;
    • the number and involvement of external stakeholders and the degree of satisfaction;
    • recording and where possible using stakeholders views into the project outputs, before the final dissemination activities are carried out;
    • the number of MPs (national or MEPs) participating or involved in the process;

Moreover, policy relevance and success of the project will be assessed in terms of the use made of the cost data and the policy analysis carried out under the project in real world policy deliberations.

While these impacts of the project will take place over a period of time, we can expect some results fairly soon through the dissemination activities.

In practical terms, tracking the success of the project can be done through reference to the results in the published literature and in government policy documents.

You can access the results of the CASES project by following the link to the deliverables web page.

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