This Coordinated Action intends to evaluate policy options for improving the efficiency of energy use, underpinning this evaluation with a consistent and comprehensive picture of the full cost of energy, and to make this crucial knowledge available to all stakeholders. In particular CASES aims at compiling a complete and coherent assessment of the full cost (external plus private cost) of different energy sources, in EU and selected non-EU countries, under well defined energy scenarios to 2030.

The cost database provides a crucial quantitative support to the assessment of alternative policy options in the perspective of improving the efficiency of energy use. CASES, in providing a set of recommendations on the use of different policy instruments for the internalisation of the external costs of energy production, contributes directly to policy and provides an information base on the effectiveness and on the consequences of the use of different instruments.

In addition the assessment of the full cost estimates of energy production allows policy-makers to become more aware of the consequences that different fuels and technologies have on human health, the environment and society. Finally the project disseminates research findings to energy sector producers and users, and to the policy-making community.

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