• March_12_2010: The Annexes to the CASES book "The Social Cost of Electricity: Scenarios and Policy Implications" are available online. Click HERE to download the attachments.
  • September___2008: All results of the CASES project are available online. Click HERE to download reports, databases and tools on costs, policy and scenarios for the electricity sector.
  • September_30_2008: CASES final conference on "Social costs of electricity generation and policy design", Milan [Conference Proceedings]. 
The CASES project aims:
  • to compile coherent and detailed estimates of both external and internal costs of energy production for different energy sources at the national level for the EU-25 Countries and for some non-EU Countries under energy scenarios to 2030;
  • to evaluate policy options for improving the efficiency of energy use, taking account of full cost data;
  • to disseminate research findings to energy sector producers and users and to the policy making community, through events that serve to validate and disseminate the projects outputs.
This project builds on the formidable amount of research that has been done on measuring the full costs of the use of different energy sources such as fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable energy sources. Expected result is the best prediction about the evolution of the private and external costs, including energy security cost, of major technologies for generating energy, from different sources, in different countries, over the next 25 years. For the project synopsis in different languages visit the Project Presentation / flyer page ().

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