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March 25th, 2011



Summer School Faculty

Prof. Giovanni Signorello

Dipartimento di Gestione dei Sistemi agro-alimentari e ambientali (DiGESA)
Laboratorio di Valutazione Ambientale (Envalab)
Università di Catania
via Santa Sofia, 98 
95123 Catania, Italy
P: +39 095.7580320;
F: +39 095.7580345

Giovanni Signorello is a Full Professor at University of Catania where he teaches courses in resource valuation and environmental economics. He coordinates the activities of the Laboratorio di Valutazione Ambientale (ENVALAB), a research unit carring out studies and research on the valuation of environmental and cultural resoursecs. He is the Director of the course program on land and environmental planning and nature conservation activated in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. He is member of the Center for the Conservation and Management of Natural Areas and Agro-ecosystems (CUTGANA). He served as Vice-Chair the Management Committee of the COST ACTION E45 ”European Forest Externalities” (EUROFOREX). He has been visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). He his author or coauthors of numerous research monographs and articles published in referred national and international journals. His research focuses several topics of environmental economics. In particular is doing research on nonmarket valuation of environmental and cultural goods, natural resource damage assessment, economics and management of ecosystems and protected areas, valuation of global warming effects on agro-ecosystems, benefit-cost analysis, landscape economics, bio-economic models. He is member of Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (AERE), the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (EAERE), International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE), Agricultural & Applied Economic Association (AAEA), Società Italiana di Economia Agraria (SIDEA), and Centro Studi di Estimo e di Economia Territoriale (CeSET).