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ERA-Net CRUE funding intiative



This project combines the diverse expertise of three European partners:

Antea Group Belgium (Antea Group)

Seeconsult (Seeconsult GmbH)

Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici S.c.a.r.l (CMCC)

The project is being built up by integrating the strengths and expertise of all three partners.

Antea Group is an independent engineering consultancy based in Belgium. it has developed and implemented real-time operational flood forecasting models for several Flemish river basins, including for one of the case study sites in this project (Demer river basin). Furthermore it is widely experienced in project management.

For more information: www.anteagroup.be

Seeconsult stands for Society-Economy-Ecology-Consulting GmbH. It supports municipalities, firms, organisations and research institutes with the planning, implementation and evaluation of participatory processes in the areas of urban development, renewable energy resources and water management throughout Europe.

For more information: www.seeconsult.org

CMCC is an Italian Research Consortium which consist of leading public policy and private research institutions in the field of climate change. The areas of activity of the Centre are numerical simulations and production of climate scenarios, impact studies (socio-economic, on health, agriculture, carbon cycle, desertification and coastal zones); adaptation and mitigation policies.

For more information: www.cmcc.it

Project coordinator:

Jan Cools (Antea Group)